About Us

Spanito, a part of Sunil Enterprise, deals in ceramic raw materials and are located in Morbi area. Established in 2002, Spanito has been the best in their field since a decade.

Morbi is one of the biggest manufacturing hubs of tiles and team Spanito hails from the same town of tiles. Ceramics is used for making different elements in versatile fields. What is needed for making ceramics is what we deal in.

One of raw material is Frit which is nearly the main component for all the ceramic glazes wherever a glass like finish is required. There are versatile method of baking of the product which are used under different names and has got multiple applications. Due to such reasons there has been inclusion in the Frit Family over the years.

Another of such raw material that we deal in is Compound Glaze. Glaze is a combination of various Frits and other materials such as pigments, salt etc. Based on the Frits used in making the Glaze, the effects that are obtained are almost infinite.

There are different Frits and Glazes that are used widely. Some of them are Frits & Glazes for wall-tile body, Frits & Glazes for porcelain, Frits & Glazes for double-firing, third-firing, Frits for glass, Melting frits, Frits for manufactured products & construction, etc.


Feel it up with Salt & Pepper

Featuring a speckled design, these porcelain floor tiles are both stylish and durable. The tiles in your ambience with matt textures give the posh look to your place.

Carving the New EDGES

These well-built and ravishing tiles are in demand. The elements embossed on tiles gives your interior an exclusive look.

Rustic that is Majestic

Appropriate tiles for the traditional look, as they easily merge with nature. The appearance of stone have the abrasion making your pleas looks majestic.

High Gloss

The glare free high gloss finished tiles with the utmost strength and glow, makes your place shine and gives it a stylish but peculiar appearance.

Gloss that Dazzles All

Enhancing the aura if beauty in the ambience, glossy tiles with its sheen character brightens up the space. The tiles bounces back the light and give you luxurious perceive.

Contact Us

8A National Highway, Opp. Sokhda GEB Sub Station, At : Bahadurgadh, Morbi